Kiemelt / akciós termékeink

  • Welcome to my website!

    Briefly about myself: Since 1991 I have been selling of tools and materials used in confectioner's trade.

    As I was always interested in cooking and baking, after obtaining my first profession, cook, I learnt for confectioner also, and I worked for 14 years in this profession, among others in Finland and Holland.

    During this period I graduated at secondary school, I passed a master examination in confectioner's craft and due to a lucky accident I began to sell tools that were not available in Hungary that time yet. Firstly I started with the well-known and famous Wilton products from the USA.

    In 1993 I was invited by Wilton to its school in Chicago, to take part in a two week master course, where I could acquire the special way of decorating with royal icing technique taught by this company. Allegedly I was the first hungarian who learnt at their school.

    I consider important to follow with attention the profession, the introduction of novelties appearing abroad, in the field of materials as well as of methods.

    You can find the following products in our supply:

    Chocolate moulds, chocolate foils, decorating tubes and accessories, decorating bags, spatulas, food colours in form of concentrated liquid, paste and lustre/metal, plastic and metal cutters, silicone moulds, cake decorations for weddings and other special events, wedding couple, gum paste flowers - bouquets, baking pans, technical books, cake stands, mini water fountain, chocolate fountains, Gum Arabic, Gum Tragacanth, Meringue Powder, utensils for making edible photos: ( printers, food colour cartridges, frosting sheets, edible papers, wafer papers, sugar sheets ), artificial flower stamen, flower wire, air brush, compressor, baking proof paper cases - moulds, vanilla in bean, ground and extract variation.

    Our purchasing sources:

    England, China, France, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Spain, USA,etc.